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The FIRST step in getting ORDERS is to get your mail delivered to the most responsive prospects. If your mail is not opened, it is wasted!

The number of orders you receive from any mailing depends on the quality of the list you use. We are the PRIME SOURCE of a very high QUALITY MAILING LIST.

"Yes! We have the most responsive
list on the market today."

Based on a series of mailing tests we conducted from 1990 to 2002, we are now in the position to offer you the best names tailored to your particular products and services that you are offering. We have built a highly effective in-house list over the years and continue to keep it fresh and responsive with a flow of new names daily through research and advertising.

We have found that our mailing list pulled an average of 10%. Many satisfied customers reported that our computerized labels pulled in excess of 15%!

"We have THE mailing list that can help you cram your mailbox with orders and stuff your pockets with cash!"

A good mailing list is a prime key to success in the mail order business. We deliver a high quality mailing list through direct mail to discriminating consumers. Golden Rule Enterprise can be an effective part of your marketing and sales strategy.

Another reason why you can get MORE ORDERS from our mailing list is that EVERY NAME is a PROVEN MAIL ORDER BUYER. They purchase MONEYMAKING OFFERS, MULTI-LEVEL PLANS, BOOKS, INFORMATION REPORTS, MAIL ORDER OPPORTUNITY OFFERS, ADVERTISING, MAILING LISTS and a lot more. "They are repeat buyers!" You need to test our lists if you are marketing any kind of money-making offers. We can help you fill your mailbox with orders... guaranteed!

You get FRESH NAMES (3 days to 30 days fresh) and you can get your mail out fast and easy with our computerized pressure-sensitive labels. Our names are maintained on a state-of-the-art computer with a flow of new names we generate from Advertising and Direct Mailings.

You will receive the benefit of our extensive research and advertising when you use our mailing list. We will selectively target your products and services to match the kind of list that will give you the highest response - that means BUYERS!

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